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Risk Management & Insurance

Insurance Program Reviews

Evaluate loss exposures through on site visits; review insurance policies to determine if exposures are adequately addressed; recommend additional insurance if required; and, review and assess the risk and insurance management administration program for the client.

Re-bidding of Insurance Programs

Re-bidding of property and liability insurance programs, including risk assessment; developing criteria for a client’s insurance program; pre-screening and selection of qualified insurance agents or brokers; review of proposals from insurance agents, brokers or insurance companies; and, recommendation of the insurance program that best balances coverage and cost considerations.

Risk and Insurance Administration

On going insurance consulting and outsourcing, including monitoring of the insurance coverages in place for clients using our proprietary Insurance Coverage and Compliance Monitoring System ("ICCAMS"); answering questions related to the client’s risk exposures and insurance programs; reviewing and authorizing premium payments; administration of insurance programs; and, if requested, acting as the "in-house" risk/insurance manager for the client.

General Consulting

Consulting on a project basis, such as risk/insurance audits of the clients risk management and insurance programs; captive and self insurance studies; Expert Witness assignments; and, other projects on a case-by-case basis.